History Timeline


1976: December Lee Hohner purchased what was formerly the Wolf Funeral Home which had been established for  eight years on 118 North Main St. (The building remains standing to this day)The name was changed to Hohner Funeral Home


1976 to 1999:Lee Hohner purchased the property at Erie and Arnold St. and began construction of a new funeral home


May 30, 2000: The new Hohner Funeral Home is completed and the doors are opened on Memorial day weekend. The old funeral home on N. Main is closed.


December 2010: Gabe and Daniel Adams purchase Hohner Funeral Home


2011 to Present: Gabe and Daniel Adams  are proud owners of Hohner funeral home. They have a dedicated staff including Gabe’s wife Holly who works as a full time receptionist. Many improvements are made including the addition of a family lounge and reception area.  Hohner Funeral Home continues to be a family and service oriented business that is proud to serve the people of Three Rivers and St. Joseph County.