Date of Death: April 15, 2020

Service Details

Cremation has taken place and interment will be held on a later date at Fort Custer National Cemetery.

Obituary Notice

Christopher M. Huston, age 54, of Three Rivers, MI passed away Wednesday, April 15, 2020 after a brief illness. He was born on June 28, 1965 in LaGrange, Indiana the son of David and Ann (Boyd) Huston.

Chris graduated from Mendon High School and proudly served 8 years in the US Navy as an avionics technician before embarking on a professional IT career. He enjoyed cooking, reading, science and technology in all its forms.

He was preceded in passing by his parents.

Left to cherish Christopher’s loving memory are his siblings, Robin Huston (Rich Pacic), Leslie (Mike) Spraggins, Patty (Andy) Hulon, John and Michael Huston.

Additional Information

Memorials made in Christopher’s memory may be directed to the American Cancer Society. Envelopes are available and can be sent to Hohner Funeral Home.

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When your condolences are submitted they will not display until approved by the Hohner staff for appropriateness out of respect for their memory. They should appear within 24 hours or less. Thank you for your understanding

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  1. Though my time working with Chris was short, I will say he was one of the best people I knew. To now have to sit down and sum that up in a few words is difficult for me but, I’ll give it a shot.

    When I knew Chris he and I worked in IT together. Now, he was quite a bit older than I was and I certainly was the more idealistic one. That being said the one thing that he seemed to have in abundance was wisdom of how to do a job right and how to deal with people. He would never ever say anything to people he was working with even if he disagreed and he would always get the job done quick and efficiently. That being said, If you did something wrong or bad sure he’d point it out but, he always did it in a professional manner.

    Now, He and I shared a love of technology but, the one thing he hated which I always got stuck with was cellphones. Funny, enough I was privileged enough to work with Both Mike and Chris. I recall more than once that both brothers told me to shove that push to talk phone where the sun didn’t shine. At the time I was still fairly new to the concept but, over the years I’ve come to share that sentimentality. Only so much chirping and notification sounds you can take.

    At any rate, Chris was very much a guy who would tell you how it is no matter what the situation. Given how Chris was I have no doubt he ended up in a better place and he’s giving the folks upstairs as hard a time about getting things right as he was down here. I’ll miss you buddy.

  2. Damn.

    I am sure sorry to find this obituary.

    I was stationed with Chris for four years at Willow Grove Naval Air Station. We worked together, shared cocktails together, and harassed British sailors together while on a detachment to Puerto Rico for VP-64. We explored much of the island together and enjoyed ourselves at the government’s expense.

    While on detachment I spent the weekends learning to sail, so of course after graduation, I asked him to go out on a sail with me and a few friends. Within a half-hour of our departure, we ran into a terrible storm and almost capsized the boat. Ironically, I also had an opportunity to save his life there. One day a group of us decided to go swimming in the ocean and catch some waves. Poor Chris got caught in the undertow of some rough surf and was being pulled out to sea. He was looking very panicked, and could not vocalize and ask for help, he was in trouble. I asked him, “are you serious or messing around with me?” Nothing. I went to him, grabbed him, and brought him back to safety. Once safe, he walked clear of the surf and got about thirty feet past the shoreline. He turned and look at me, still in the ocean, where I let go of him. He continued to stare at me from the safety of the shore, and I swear he made a covenant there and then to never go in the ocean again; I don’t think Chris had ever been in the ocean before, and he was not going to make that mistake twice.

    While working together he turned me on to computers. How they worked, how they’re built, how to install and configure them. He even went with me one weekend to help pick out all the components to build my first computer. He was extremely smart, probably too smart to be in the Navy. He taught me so much that I was able to leave the Navy and embark on a career in computers.

    I’ve Chris ever since we parted, and I always wondered what happened to him. Today, through this site, I, unfortunately, found that I have lost a friend and a shipmate, as a result, the world is a colder and lonelier place.

    Oh yeah, and he was crazier than a squirrel, and he could drink like a sailor.

  3. So sorry for your loss! Chris is the last person I saw and talked with in person after your mom passed. I think of you all and the times our families spent together in Mendon. I love you all and wish only the best for you.

    • My love and sympathy to John, Leslie, Robin, Mike, Patty and the rest of Chris’s family. Chris was my first love, we were literally born a day apart and the day we met, he had just turned 15. I have so many wonderful memories of him! We had a relationship that was on and off again for over 30 years. His nickname “Hueby” was what I often called him 😊 although his class ring was inscribed “Huey.” As crazy as it is, I still have that ring. I pray he’s in a beautiful place and that he knows how much he was loved❣

  4. Chris and his siblings were childhood friends of my family, We have many fond memories of Chris and our explorations together, Overnight camping in the woods. playing baseball. riding dirt bikes or just hanging out. Chris liked to explore the woods and fields around our home looking for Native American artifacts. We had so much fun just doing what kids did back in the 70’s. Later in life. we were always proud of Chris and his Service to our Country and his continuation of exploring the world with his Navy career, All tho our lives grew apart and we lost touch, Chris will forever be a part of our extended family. Rest in Peace my friend you will not be forgotten. To Chris’ family. We offer prayers and condolences and hope you find peace in knowing Chris is with our Lord.

    • All thou I have not seen Chris for alot of years he was always in my thoughts.
      Thanks for all the great childhood memories that you made for me.
      My thoughts and prayers to the Houston family.
      Paul Martin

      • Chris was one of a kind! Quiet, yet very out-going. Very smart, but no need to be a book worm. After going back and reading all the Facebook messages, I was reminded of his true character, that he was a straight arrow. Rest in Peace, Chris. One GREAT guy from school that ALWAYS had kindness to offer to all who accepted. I will ALWAYS remember! 💜

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