Date of Death:  September 17, 2021

Service Details

A memorial service celebrating Jane’s life will be held Sunday, September 26, 2021, at 11 a.m. at Hohner Funeral Home, followed by a reception from 1-3 p.m. at The Elks Club in Three Rivers, MI.

A video of her service is available here.

Obituary Notice

Jane Winans Schauer, aged 76, died peacefully in her sleep on September 17, 2021 from dementia related complications at home in Three Rivers, Michigan, where she was cared for by her devoted husband, Dr. Stephen Schauer. Jane was born on March 2, 1945 in Dayton, Ohio to Mary Winans (nee Cosler) and Dr. Theodore Winans. Jane attended Fairborn High School, where she sang in the choir, danced in theater productions, was a majorette, and was elected prom queen. She then attended Miami University where she graduated with a B.A. in education and after graduation taught second grade before starting a family.

The love story of Jane and her husband Steve began long before their nuptials, dating back to when they were in preschool, where Steve tried to kiss his bride to be. Not interested at the time, Jane declined his advances. But as luck would have it, their families were friends and years later while in high school, Steve gave it another shot while vacationing with their families in Florida. This time, he succeeded, and the high school sweethearts remained together from that day forward, marrying in 1968. The couple lived in Cincinnati and then Dayton, before settling down in 1973 at their lake house in Three Rivers, MI where they stayed, raising their kids in a community they called home.

Jane was a talented woman, especially when it came to the arts. She studied ballet and tap, performed in musicals, and choreographed dance numbers for the local Showboat theater production. Jane found other ways to express her love for dance, becoming a Jackie Sorensen aerobics instructor. She was also interested in music and sports, playing the piano and ukulele, and enjoyed softball and bowling with friends. Jane also loved to travel, and made her way around the world with Steve, where they would find adventures together scuba diving and downhill skiing. Many summers were spent at her family’s mountain cabin in Colorado Springs, where she enjoyed hiking and horseback riding, at their cabin in Waters, MI, and on Fisher Lake where they would spend time with friends and family. An avid mushroom hunter, Jane was also a great cook.

To know Jane, is to know that she was incredibly organized. Her meticulously detailed Thanksgiving time schedule, an hours-long production followed to the minute, was legendary. She was affectionately nicknamed “MacGyver” because there wasn’t anything she couldn’t fix or improve upon. If something was worth doing, it was worth doing right, and Jane lived by that motto. If she saw you drinking a beer the wrong way – she would tell you how to do it the right way (in a glass, over ice, so it stays cold!). She loved to laugh, had a quick wit, liked a dirty joke, and knew how to have fun.

Jane was a master gift giver, but she was especially generous with her time. She spent many years volunteering on the PTA, the Three Rivers High School Sports Boosters, organizing the annual Three Rivers Airport Breakfast Fly-In, and running the St. Joseph County election. As she often said, one must “rise to the occasion,” and she would do so with exceptional care and accuracy.

Jane will be remembered especially for her sense of humor, grace, and kindness. An eternal optimist, she chose to see the good in others. She kept post-it notes with a few tenets she liked and lived by: “Conduct should be judged by its effect on happiness, not by its adherence to the rule,” and “To speak ill of others is a dishonest way of praising ourselves.” Also, “Necessity is the mother of invention,” and “Assumption is the mother of all screw ups.” She was a loving and devoted wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, and friend. Her memory will live on in her family and friends who loved her.

Jane is survived by her husband of over 50 years, Steve; her children, Robert (Erin) Schauer, and Mary Jane (Kurt) Neumann; her grandchildren, Jackson, Maddox, Will, Jacob, and Anna; her siblings Robert (Barbara) Winans and Kate Winans; and her brothers and sisters-in-law, Bob (Nancy) Schauer, Andy Wisecup, Martha (David Brown) Schauer; and nieces and nephews. She is preceded in death by her brother Joseph Winans and sister-in-law Nora Lee Wisecup.

Additional Information

Donations in Jane’s memory may be directed to Three Rivers Hospice. Envelopes are available at the funeral home.

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When your condolences are submitted they will not display until approved by the Hohner staff for appropriateness out of respect for their memory. They should appear within 24 hours or less. Thank you for your understanding.

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  1. I first met Jane when she dropped Rob off for kdg. Over the years I came to realize what a special person she was. Always smiling, positive, willing to help, are things I appreciated. Then I joined her Jackie Sorensen classes and saw so many more beautiful qualities in her dancing, teaching, and sharing her stories. Elegance, class, devotion, and integrity, along with so much more would be memories I will reflect on. My condolences to Steve, Rob, Mary Jane and families. This quote from Dr. Seuss seems to say it best, “Death ends a life; Not a relationship.” Hugs

  2. Jane was my sister’s best friend forever and ever. From childhood till the end they were a true bond of friendship.
    They shared college at Miami University, they shared an apt. while they did student teaching, they were in each other’s weddings, they built a lifetime of memories with the “Hanky Gang” of Fairborn, Ohio. The last time they were together was on a visit to 3 Rivers, enjoying a boat ride on the lake, good food and conversation ,which served as a distraction from Susan’s lung cancer diagnosis and Jane’s health issues of several years. Susan departed this life in April, 2018……………..and now Jane has joined her. The Winans family meant a lot to the Taggart family – and both are the poorer because they are gone. I know Jane left behind her own wonderful family (husband, daughter, son and grandchildren). They will be there for each other today and all the days to come. They will cherish the memories they made together and never forget their wonderful wife, mother, sister grandmother and friend. With deepest sympathy, Gretchen Taggart Moore

  3. Steve, Steve and I are heartbroken about the death of Jane. She was certainly a bright light in the lives of everyone that had the privilege of knowing her. You and your family have our deepest heartfelt condolences.

  4. Steve, Robby, and Mary Jane –

    I am so saddened to hear of Jane’s passing. I have great memories of extended family gatherings over the holidays or at Lake James. Jane made all these occasions so much fun. My prayers of comfort to you all.

  5. Steve, Robby, Mary Jane – I have a heavy heart, and not sure what to say other than thank you for sharing your wife/mom with us; she had a profound impact on our community, and on my life personally especially during those chaotic teenage years when I got to know her best. I can never thank Jane (and Steve) enough for including me on several of those Schauer family trips/adventures. At that time in my life those trips were truly life changing – her positivity & laughter made them fun, unique, and memorable for a small town dreamer.

    Jane was simply the most poised person that I’ve ever met in my life. I can remember a “couple” times during our high school years at the lake or on a trip where there was a bit of stress/tension; however, she always seemed to keep it together, and have things under control. I’ll always be able to picture Jane cruising around in the little red mini van – only Jane could look classy in that thing.

    I remember so many nights at the kitchen table playing cards/games – I can picture plain as day Jane sitting down to the table, putting on those readers/glasses, and getting ultra focused for a competitive round of that game that MJ always had us play (was it Pictionary-MJ?). So many of those little moments, subtle gestures, and Jane just being a mom to a couple teens, and their many friends. My life is so much better for having shared those times with her. Thank you Mrs. Schauer – may you rest in peace.

  6. My family met Jane and the Schauer family 32 years ago when we moved on to Fisher Lake for the Crowe family summer pilgrimages. We were neighbors from Chicago. Jane and Steve
    Introduced themselves to us formerly after both had offered their assistance with our youngest sibling jet ski accident. Jane was amazing caring for her with Steve overnight at their home. We became immediately appreciative and learned quickly that Jane was social leader of our lake neighbors. She organized many gatherings and parties over the years and she was a fun person with an amazing personality. My family anointed her Queen of Fisher Lake.
    She will always be remembered by us.
    When I think of Jane it brings a smile to my face with many happy memories.
    Rest In Peace Jane. All the Crowes are grateful for having met this wonderful lady!

  7. Jane was an amazing lady..filling many lives with fun, adventure, laughter and memories that will always be cherisehed. I first met Jane in one of her aerobic classes. Not sure that she really recognized or knew me, but I was in awe by her moves and energy. As time progressed, I became more acquainted with Jane through Sports Boosters where I soon knew that she was incredibly organized, did everything with dedication and left no stone unturned. As I read about Jane, I now realize why she always was ready to organize some type of talent skit including dancing, singing, etc. for Sports Boosters, friends parties, etc. When we moved to the lake, Jane was so welcoming and more memories and good times were created. Jane went out of her way to make special times and fun for all. I am thankful and will cherish the memories with Jane. I still have not figured out a question Jane posed to me you dust before you vacumn or vacumn before you dust??? I told her I dust first. Her response was then when you vacumn, the dust just settles on your funtiure. I do not think we ever solved that question. Jane was beautiful inside and out, classy, smart, organized, kind and will certainly be missed by all. Thoughts and prayers to Steve, Rob, & Mary Jane, Grands, and all.

  8. From big brother Bob and sister Barb:

    Jane—various recollections:

    When I was 10 years old, a noisy new addition was made to our family. Later, when she began to talk, she could not say the word “good” saying “glite” instead. This persisted despite my constant correction. TO THIS DAY I cannot say “good” without “glite” rolling around in my head as some sort of synonym I guess.

    Jane was about 7 when I was off to collage and lost a lot of close contact with her. Then, rare contact through medical school and the military except for some visits when she and Steve came to Barb’s parent’s home in Gallipolis Ohio.

    We began more frequent visits when our family finally settled down in Texas. Steve and Jane flew to Texas on occasion and we flew to Michigan. When we got off the plane in Michigan, I would run toward her with arms wide shouting “mother” which always cracked her up.

    Our visits to Michigan were always great and usually included a trip to the cabin up north. In the early visits, Steve and I would go off motorcycle riding while Jane and Barb waited at the cabin hoping we wouldn’t get lost. Other days were spent hiking the local hills hunting mushrooms which we occasionally found but more often ended up buying at a roadside stand. Evenings were spent cooking and eating the mushrooms and playing euchre, guys against the gals, with much bickering and attempts to steal the deal. When the guys got ahead, the girls would resort to all sorts of things to change their luck including wearing lampshades on their heads. Steve an I just drank beer.

    At our last visit to Michigan,Jane was still with us. We had fun four wheeling and on the boat and doing most of our usual stuff. That visit an all the ones before are what we remember and cherish. Just wish that there could have been more. It doesn’t seem right that things have occurred this way—in my mind, Jane should be writing this for me—her much older brother. Jane, you ignorant slut-(I can see her laughing at this)—good luck in the afterlife!!

    Your big brother and sister-in-law Bob and Barb

  9. It’s hard to imagine a world without Jane in it. My friend of 66 years is now singing alto harmony in the Angel Choir, with our other “sister”, Susan. Condolences to Steve, Rob and MJ from what remains of The Hanky Gang.
    Prayers of strength and comfort. Steve, thank you for taking such good care of my friend.

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