Date of Death:  February 4, 2023

Service Details

Visitation will be held Friday, February 10, 2023, from 2 to 4 p.m. and 6 to 8 p.m. at Hohner Funeral Home in Three Rivers, MI. A memorial service will be held Saturday, February 11, 2023, at 3 p.m. at Riverside Church in Three Rivers, MI, with a meal following. For those unable to attend, you can access the live-stream by visiting and clicking on “Watch Now.”

Obituary Notice

Joseph Peter Posey, 73, of Constantine, MI, completed his earthly journey on February 4, 2023, at his home, surrounded by his loving family. Joe, the son of Raymond and Estelle (Priniski) Posey was born in Hancock, MI, on October 20, 1949. He graduated from White Pine High School in White Pine, MI, in 1967. On May 25, 1974, Joe married Sharon Kirouac, at Holy Family Catholic Church in Ontonagon, MI, and together have one son, David, and five grandchildren.

Joe was blessed to work at P&P Transportation for 40 years for his good friend Phil Hoffine and enjoyed the challenges that work afforded him. But his real work was investing in people and being a constant source of gentle challenge and encouragement. There were no strangers in Joe’s life, only friends he hadn’t yet met. Wherever he would go, he would seek out those who needed an encouraging word, a kindly challenge, or sometimes a not-so-kindly challenge, but Joe was always cloaked in love for those around him. During his life, he endured much pain, but through that pain, he found the redemption of Christ, and through Christ, he obediently ministered to those he met. If you ever had the chance to talk with Joe, you would have felt this connection to his divine source of love and truth and walked away changed.

His wife Sharon, son David, daughter-in-law Laura (Stuck), and his five grandchildren, Adam, Sarah, Kate, Jack, and Molly, remain to carry on his legacy. He was also considered a spiritual father and grandfather by countless others.

Additional Information

In lieu of flowers or donations, the family would ask for your story of how Joe impacted your life. A brief sentence, a few paragraphs, or a book would be cherished memories for his family and future generations to understand how Joe obediently followed the call of God in his life. Stationery will be provided at both the visitation and memorial service and can be returned to the family via Hohner Funeral Home, or a comment can be left online at If you would like to make a monetary donation, please consider Tunnel to Towers Foundation. Envelopes are available at the funeral home.

Please Leave Your Condolences

When your condolences are submitted they will not display until approved by the Hohner staff for appropriateness out of respect for their memory. They should appear within 24 hours or less. Thank you for your understanding.

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  1. Dear Sharon and family,
    We just learned about Joe. The “old” neighborhood was such a wonderful place to live and raise children. Such great memories! Thanks for being part of that.
    Our deepest sympathy to you all,
    Kris and Art Ayers

  2. The thing I always loved about Joe was he always listened to you and he would talk to you and never just talk at you, when we lost a daughter in 2020 joe was a tremendous help to me in dealing with the pain and I will be eternally grateful to him for that, also in the 25 plus years I knew Joe I never once heard him talk negatively about anyone, I always wondered how he could do that because we all do at one time or another, Joe will live in my heart till I see him again.

  3. I had a hard time coming to the viewing and I’m sorry…Joe and Sharron were very important to me and my EX ..I looked up to your family but it just didn’t work. I watched the whole funeral on line !! I wished I got to know you both more Sharon 😪…First tine I met you at TRCF new you guys were great. Became friends with David and Laura too. Always thought I was beneath you until today! I ❤️ you Sharon David Laura and the boys! David IT was real hard losing my Dad in 2018 Hang tough. Karen an my girls

  4. Joe Pete, as we called him, was an original Cherry Roader as we were called back when we were kids growing up on Cherry Road in White Pine. We were across the street neighbors, and good friends for years. The years passed and we lost touch with one another but I still thought of him and the fun that we had. My deepest sympathies to Sharon and the family. We went way back and his passing is like another chunk of our past being lost. Rest in peace old friend

  5. Sharon, I know you must be devastated even though you know where Joe is. I hope Roger was on the welcoming committee to greet him upon his arrival, since Joe and Phil were instrumental in getting Roger interested in God and how wonderful He is.
    I cannot attend his funeral today because I am not feeling well myself. But please know I am thinking of you.

  6. Joe Posey, a MAN among men. I knew him to be loving and so spirited. Always encouraging, he genuinely cared when asking about how I might be doing. I’ve never known any person like Joe and I will miss seeing and just being near him. I know that he invested his life well and was a positive influence for so many people. I’m certain that he has sent ripples into the future which are seeds of honor and integrity. Joe was and is my friend . . . I suppose that I’ll never look at a shoe brush again without thinking of him . . . .

    To Sharon, David and the Family; Thank You for who you’ve been to my family . . . and to me personally. We have shared time in our lives – now we share this. My heart is with you as we adjust to this newest life challenge. I will be lifting you up as you come to mind. May Peace and deep healing fall on you all. I love you, Paul

  7. I met Joe in 2006 as a new Semi-trailer salesman working the SW Michigan territory for Trailer Equipment out of Grand Rapids. Joe helped to educate me in my new career path and gave me a chance to earn some P & P business, at the right price of course ;). Our business & personal relationship grew over the years. We would go to lunch when the opportunity presented with one of us offering to “buy you a hot dog” and we’d laugh.
    We’d talk about about our families & I remember multiple stories about his grandkids. I looked up to Joe, shared his values & admired his character & humbleness. Joe would always try to do the right thing & take nothing for granted. As it turned out, I started to work for Clark Logic in 2020 & Joe was to one of the first that I called to share the news. I will miss Joe & my thoughts are with his family and everyone who held him close to their heart.

  8. I was my Uncle Joe’s oldest niece. I can’t remember a family gathering without him and his laughter. He was ½ superman and ½ bear. As superman he could eat a hot dog AND an ice cream cone at the same time while driving a stick shift – I have white-knuckle witnessed this and have bragged about it countless times over the years! And then his hugs…. those could only be described as bear hugs…I have the spongy vertebrae to confirm this! And right this minute I would give anything for a back-cracking, breath-stealing hug from him.

    I had the most fortunate luck to stay with Sharon, Joe and David in 1990 for 6 months or so. Some evenings David would play piano and Aunt Sharon would sing and Uncle Joe would sit in his chair with a smile contentedly soaking it in. It was a home filled with peace and laughter. Speaking of laughter, I really got to know Uncle Joe as the prankster when he left his prosthetic arm in my bed on my first night. I got him back though – my Aunt Sharon always lovingly put toothpaste on his toothbrush and left it on the counter in the evenings….so I put some toothpaste (same color as the toothbrush) on the handle of it….we called a truce after that. 🙂

    You know how some people can be so heavenly minded they are no earthly good? Not Uncle Joe. He had a way to ignite in you to want a closer walk with God just by loving you right where you were at. He would see a need and fill it with such stealth that allowed God to get ALL the glory. I saw it happen with the kids in the youth group and with their parents and with so many others….and I am so thankful that he successfully passed down his legacy of love because I see so much of this in David.

    Memory Eternal Uncle Joe.

  9. The first time I met Joe was on a men’s retreat 10 plus years ago. To this day, I still remember his passion and sincerity as he spoke about how we should strive to leave a legacy rather than just a tombstone. Throughout his sermon, he expressed how he followed God, treated his family, acted at work, and overall lived his life with integrity. At that time, I was looking for a purpose and direction in my life. As he shared his truth during the retreat, it never occurred to me that he only had one physical arm until I had spoken with him afterwards and we became lifelong friends. The way he composed himself didn’t seem incomplete; God spoke to me through his words. I came to understand that he wasn’t missing an arm, but rather he was blessed with the arm of God to reach people in a way I had never experienced before. Since that day, I have used that same message about leaving a legacy to countless others who, just like me, were looking for their own purpose in life. Joe was an influential man full of love for everybody. His legacy is evident through his family, friends, and all of those who had the opportunity to meet him. Even though Joe may no longer be here physically, his legacy lives on through me and everyone else who was blessed to be touched by his love.

    Forever grateful,

  10. To Sharon and the whole family: You have our deepest sympathy. The first reaction of many is “Oh no! Not Joe! We thought he would live forever!” Well, yes! We KNOW Joe will live forever. Joe has graduated to his new assignment. He has helped shape the lives of so so many people. It’s amazing how his ‘half-a-hug’ reached around this world. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU!!! Dale and Jan Stensland and family.

  11. Dearest Sharon & family,
    I will always remember Joe as a guy who made you feel like he had known you for years. I admire the legacy that Sharon and Joe have left for their family, friends and anyone who came into contact with them for a good conversation. A great example of a Godly husband and wife who were never shy to share the redeeming love of their savior, Jesus Christ. Thank you Joe. You gave the rest of us courage to be bold.

  12. Sharon, I am truly sorry for your family’s loss. Joe was a man I considered a mentor as a kid. He was a real inspiration to all who knew him. I looked up to him. May God truly bless you and your family during this time of mourning. Love you

    • I’ve known Joe and Sharon since I was a young kid and 42 years ago- at age 13- I purposely choose regular times to be with them to see Godly character and hearts in action so I could emulate the things I learned in my own family later. I learned so much!!
      Joe was a spiritual father to my whole family growing up, and then to my own son, Cory, as he grew.
      And the ripple effect continues as he imparts those things into his children…
      One of the tangible memories I’m grateful for is from age 16 or 17 when the night before my knee reconstruction surgery Joe & Sharon invited me to stay the night so they could take me to the hospital. After getting settle on their couch and propping up my crutches they prayed for me, and Joe put his hands on the bad knee.
      The next morning I was getting ready and we were all delighted to see I was walking without crutches and my knee worked fine! Joe said he wanted to wait to be sure, but he had felt things moving under his hand, so he had expected a miracle had happened… and it had!!
      The unhappy doctor canceled the surgery stating that he didn’t want to hear what had happened, but that I clearly didn’t need surgery anymore.
      Thank you Joe for always being faithful to God, and to all his children.
      I can’t wait to see you again soon!!

  13. Dear Sharon,
    I am so sorry to hear of Joe’s passing. He was one of the most influential men in my life growing up. I looked at him as how a man of God should be. His heart and his kindness were apparent to all who knew him and he will be forever remembered with love and fondness. He gave the best hugs and I will miss his sweet hugs until I see him again. Love you and praying for you all. Joe will forever be restored and that’s the most beautiful thought to me. Love you guys so much.
    Tara Fosdick (formerly Warne)

  14. I met Joe and Sharon when I was 11yrs old at TRCF, 57now.
    I had no idea the impact they would have on me and my family. My parents quickly became friends with the Posey and Joe started mentoring my father and played a huge role in my father’s struggle with Alcoholism. Joe spent many, many hours with my father as I watched in amazement the love and patience of Christ thru a man . Joe later took me under his wing and would meet with me after school to just talk about my day from week to week giving me so much time and attention to a young man lost in his awkward teenage years…. Who does that?
    Joe was a man of Integrity and love, patience and kindness, he not only talk the talk , but more importantly he walked the walk in a sincerity that truly reflected his heart. I’ve been fortunate enough to stay in touch with a few of my friends that we grew up together in our TRCF family , with Joe and Sharon as our youth Pastors. We recently comforted each other with stories of Joe and the impact he had in our lives as we are all now Grandfather’s ourselves . He touch every1 he ever met and never let us go . Joe and Denny made us and showed us what a man of integrity is , as we have passed that down to our childrens, children..
    Thank you Joe and Sharon and Denny . Your family has impacted so many families in the love and salvation of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
    So thankful after spending a week at Posey’s house of love and hospitality, I had the chance to share my gratitude to Joe face to face thanking him for a Legacy of Love… Sincerely with love and prayers to the family for such a tremendous lose., Rick and Dawn Renshaw

  15. I’m so sorry to hear this. I met Joe through my work network and he became a fast friend. He was absolutely the sweetest❤🙏 He always gave me support and affirmation in my endeavors. He was always fast to inquire as to how I was doing and the health of my family. He’ll be truly missed on this earth.

  16. I came to know Joe, while working for P & P. I remember many great conversations with him. He gave me good counsel on more than one occasion. I do have one good, quick story…there was a time when I was riding with Joe, to check on a load in Kalamazoo. We had gone through a drive through and grabbed a sandwich, and I’ll never forget that ride! Here’s Joe, the amazing one-armed man, carrying on a conversation with me, papers that he was looking at, spread out next to him, sandwich in his hand, taking a call on the phone and the tires continually going off on the shoulder! Joe never missed a beat…but he did scare the crap out of me! See you on the other side, brother!

  17. My condolences to Joe’s family. Joe and I were teammates on the White Pine basketball team. He was a good player and excellent teammate. I’m sure he will be badly missed by all that knew him. Jim Baird

    • Sharon and family.
      I’m truly sorry for your loss. I work for Joe many years. He was the best boss a man could have. I had the most respect for him. He was a man that I could talk to about my worries and he would always have a way to comfort me and end it in a prayer. Joe may be gone but never will I forget what a good man he was. Carl

  18. Sharon,
    Of course you know of our meeting on the Honor Flight. You and Joe were rays of sunshine to my dad and me. I thank God frequently for allowing us to meet. Knowing you and Joe and your trust in the Lord has enriched our lives more than words can say. I’m sure dad was there with open arms to welcome Joe to the kingdom of Heaven. God Bless you, my friend.

  19. Sharon & Family
    I met Joe several years back threw selling P&P trucks . The first time i met Joe was at the restaurant on the highway in Three Rivers i had turned my back on God and my wife and was a Alcoholic Pot smoking person. At the restaurant Joe ask me if i minded if we bless out lunch i said sure wright then i new he was a man of God and felt something good about him ( It was his love for the lost like myself ) Over time we contacted and Joe was always encouraging and loving but challenged my life about coming back to christ . One day i was at Joe’s office and we we’re talking about how God could bring back that Joy and peace i once had that day Joe prayed for me and man the spirit started to change my life . wow if that wasn’t enough one day Joe ask me to go to chicago and look at trucks with him what a fun day that was laughing and caring on with my Friend. But that wasn’t all i was divorced after being married for 19 years walked out on my beautiful wife and daughter. Here we go Joe loving me but challenged me by saying it seems like you regret leaving and still love her with tears down my cheeks Joe says God can put that marriage back together. I got out of car that day thinking my friend is wright i did wrong but i loved tina and God could put us back together sure enough My loving compassion friend Joe was wright now we have been remarried for 4 years . My wife and I became great friends with Joe & Sharon and the time we had together we’re full of fun laughing and sharing how good are God is . There are other things i could say but i will end this with saying Joe i have cried a lot lately because i will miss my friend and his encouragement and love you have showed me but i know that you are in heaven just having fun like you always do and loving on people. Joe you and Sharon mean so much to Tina and myself i will see you someday and we will rejoice together till then i will carry that flame and torch for Christ that you showed me how to do . I Love You Brother. ✌️❤️🙏🙏

    • Sharon and family

      Dale and I are so sorry for your great loss. Joe was a wonderful man and his loss is felt tremendously. We will continue to hold you all up in prayer. He was greeted in heaven not only by our Lord Jesus but also by the many people he touched and ministered to who passed on before him. I can’t help but think that it was some crowd! We love you.

  20. Sharon and Family,

    Joe first came into my life when I was 15 years old. Shortly before he married my sister, Sharon. I loved him from the moment I met him. Over the years Joe & Sharon were a constant source of meeting needs in my life and the life of my son, Joshua. Joe never met a stranger. He was so full of life, so full of encouragement. To me he was never just my brother-in-law, he was my brother. I miss him more than life itself and await the day when I see him again.
    Chrissy & Josh

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