Date of Death: October 1, 2023

Service Details

There will be one final Marty Party on October 7, 2023 from 1:00-7:00 p.m. at the Mullendore Home. Please come and enjoy the last Marty (UHaul) Mullendore Party.

Obituary Notice

Martin David Mullendore passed away October 1, 2023 in his home with his family around.

Martin was born October 9, 1961 in Lebanon, Indiana, to Nancy & Charles Mullendore. He graduated from Three Rivers High School in 1980.

After graduation Mart worked at his family store in Nottawa. He then hauled fertilizer for Moormans. He left his job to work at Roods Industries, then Precision Speed. He then found the job he loved and was proud to work at the St. Joseph County Sheriff’s Department where he met some astonishing groups of people who continue to show support all the way through this, and where he earned the nickname UHaul.

Martin was a truck guy, not just any, it was Dodge. He spent many days rebuilding engines and fixing anything he could. When he wasn’t working on trucks he spent his time traveling with his wife of 35 years and some great traveling companions. He also loved to spend time with his three grandchildren.

Martin David Mullendore will always be remembered for his willingness to help. And his farting around with something.

He leaves behind his wife, Tammie Mullendore; two sons, James Mullendore and David Mullendore (Sara); and three perfect grandchildren Harold Mullendore, Eli Mullendore, and princess MacKenzie Middaugh; brother, Micheal Mullendore; sisters-in-law, Lisa Bohn (Todd), Dona Shultz, Jamie Gregory (Rodney); mother-in-law, Charlotte Britton; and several nieces and nephews.

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  1. Marty My Friend

    A friend is one who stands to share
    You’re every touch of grief and care.
    He comes by chance, But stays by choice;
    Your praises he is quick to voice.

    No grievous fault or passing whim
    Can make an enemy of him.
    And though your need be great or small;
    His strength is yours throughout it all.

    No matter where your path may turn
    Your welfare is his main concern.
    No matter what your dream may be
    He prays your triumph Soon to see.

    There is no wish your tongue can tell
    But what it is your friends as well.
    The life of him who has a friend
    Is double guarded to the end.

    Edgar A Guest

    Your forever friend


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