Date of Death: January 22, 2021

Service Details

In accordance with her wishes, cremation has been conducted. A memorial mass will be held Wednesday, February 3, 2021, at 11:00 a.m. at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, 645 S. Douglas Ave., Three Rivers, MI with Father Rajain Mathias officiating.

Obituary Notice

Mary Rose “Rosie” Binando, 97, of Three Rivers, passed away January 22, 2021 in her home, where she lived her entire life. She was preceded in death by her parents, John and Mable (Tosi) Binando. Rosie was born January 28, 1923 in Three Rivers, Michigan and graduated from Three Rivers High School in 1941. Rosie continued her education at The St. Camillus School of Nursing at Borgess Hospital, earning her degree in 1944. Many remember her working at Binando’s Grocery, her family’s store, where she was employed from 1947 to 1965. She retired as a registered nurse and worked for Dr. Bas Mutnal, whom she greatly adored, from 1986-1991.

Rosie was independent, caring, and hard working. She maintained beautiful gardens and loved to spend her free time in them or mowing her lawn on her tractor, “Jenny.” She loved spending time with her neighborhood kids, taking car rides with Mable, and keeping in contact with loved ones in Italy. She loved to encourage others and was always very proud of the people in her life.

Rosie was a devout Catholic and Parishioner of Immaculate Conception Church and a member of the Daughters of Mary. She also participated with the Three Rivers Area Hospital Auxiliary. Later in life she cherished visits and phone calls from friends and other members of the church. Although she was an only child, she leaves behind many friends who became her family.

Additional Information

Donations in Rosie’s memory may be directed to The Immaculate Conception School Trust Fund. Envelopes are available at Hohner Funeral Home in care of her arrangements.

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When your condolences are submitted they will not display until approved by the Hohner staff for appropriateness out of respect for their memory. They should appear within 24 hours or less. Thank you for your understanding

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  1. When my parents moved to TR after the war, they lived in the apartment above Binando’s store for some time. When I was a boy we often went to the store to get a little something and that dear Rosie always had a popsicle or some other treat for me. As I got a little older and could bike around town I would stop in once in a while and of course was always greeted like a favorite nephew! I never forgot what a sweet lady she was, and then having my own son, I used to tell him about Rosie ever time we were in the area of the old store. When he was about 8….. 2011 or so, not having seen her then for decades– I had been talking to someone who told me she was still alive. We stopped to visit her on Spring St. and she was so happy to see us! I was glad that my lad got a chance to meet one of the sweetest, kindest people ever to grace the Earth.

    It’s interesting sometimes to think back about the adults that influence us as kids, isn’t it? Whoever had Rosie in their life, even a little bit, was fortunate!

  2. I grew up knowing Rosie and her folks when I was just a kid and would go to the Binando’s store with my Grandparents (the Boggio’s) whose house was just a few feet away on 8th St. Rosie was always cheerful & happy to see us. I also enjoyed our later visits when as an adult, my mom (Dolly Ann) & I would go visit Rosie at her Spring St home whenever we were in Three Rivers. She was still the same cheerful & happy Rosie then as she’d always been. I used to send her pictures of the Angels that I would see in the clouds so whenever I look up now I’ll be looking for Rosie too! She was a real gem, the “Italian Rose” who always felt like family and who will be missed by many. God Bless her.

  3. I remember Binando’s grocery store very well….as in earlier years, my family lived at 614 Mechanic Street (the yellow bungalow by the field by the powerhouse). My mother (Doloras Helpin Adams) grew up in that same house. So many, many times…I walked over to the store to purchase a pound of ground beef, either for my mother or her mother (Ada Helpin) to prepare meat loaf. To this day when I visit the cemetery and tend to the graves…I drive by the house on Mechanic Street and also Binando’s…thinking back and remembering Rosie and her parents…..either behind the meat counter or at the cash register by the door.
    The things we remember in life. Where have the years gone? Where has time gone? Lovely memories…..of times long ago. Thank you Rosie and to Mr. and Mrs. Binando, too.

  4. I can’t believe that Rosie will not be at her house at the end of Spring Street or (spaghetti Avenue, in the old days). My parents moved to Spaghetti Avenue when I was 6 months old, and my mother and Rosie worked at the old hospital together and were life long friends. Rosie was the last of the old time Spring Street gang. She along with her mother and father were very hard workers when they ran Binando’s Grocery on 8th Street. I find it hard to believe that my wife Joanie and I will not be able to call her or stop in and visit with her. Rosie has been a good friend and will truly be missed. Gene, Joanie, and family will always love you. Rest In Peace in heaven Rosie.

  5. Rosie was one of a kind, everyone liked Rosie. When I was little my mom would take me to Binando’s grocery when she shopped. I grew up knowing Rosie, she was a wonderful person and fun to talk to. The world will miss her. She was very close to her parents and I envision a beautiful reunion in heaven.

  6. Our dearest Rosie will be greatly missed. You are now home with
    Johnny & Miss Mable. You took such wonderful care of them. Loved seeing you & Mable on your drives by our house.
    As my Godmother I learned so much from you.
    When our boys were little & would come home from mass with red lipstick,
    they would say “ we love Rosie & Mable, but that red stuff !” David grew up next door to Binando Grocery Store. He always told them “ That lipstick was good enough for me. Your turn!”
    Miss you Rosie.
    David, Denise, Kody, Kyle, & Kelsey

  7. Roseburg you were very beautiful and my brother-in-law Jimmy DalPonte adored you. You sold me a lot of salami at your store. RIP dear lady. Amen

  8. Peace everlasting, Rosie. You were the delivery nurse when I was born, and every time we saw one another you always reminded me that you gave me my first spanking! You went to school with both my folks and the
    Galinets lived right next to you so I have lots of good memories as a kid with you. That smile never changed.

  9. Rosie we lived at 808 Buck Street, just a couple of blocks from Binandos’ Grocery Store. We walked there frequently and I remember you well – a smiling ray of sunshine always!

  10. I grew up on Constantine Street, Rosie lived on Spring Street, right behind our street, so I can say I knew her all my life. She was very kind and so wise. I enjoyed seeing her at Immaculate Conception Church. You will be greatly missed, you made our world a better place. Rest In Peace dear Rosie. Judy Gilchrist Mohney, Stayton, OR

  11. I know that Rosie will be at peace in her glorious new home. She will be greatly missed by her many friends at Immaculate Conception.

    • Rosie You will be missed. I don’t remember a time that I didn’t know you. We had great talks. You was my mentor in Italian ways. Most importantly you were always my friend.

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