Date of Death: November 25, 2023

Service Details

Visitation will be held Thursday, November 30, 2023 from 4:00-8:00 p.m. at Hohner Funeral Home, 1004 Arnold St., Three Rivers. Private family services will be held at a later date.

Obituary Notice

The world lost a bright light when Victoria Rose Marckini, 17, of Three Rivers, passed away unexpectedly on Saturday, November 25, 2023.

Born August 4, 2006 in Kalamazoo, the daughter of Richard Marckini and Melissa Jo Frye, she touched many lives at Three Rivers High School where she was a senior.

Victoria participated in the Aristocrats choir, ran track, and was part of the CTE Teacher Academy preparing for a career in education. She loved music, loved her friends, and was a surrogate mom to her brothers.

Remaining to cherish her memory are her mother, Melissa Jo Frye; twin brother, Vincent Marckini; brothers, Zachary Schrock, Kyle Schrock, Landon Frye, and Bryce Marckini; uncle Brent Heslet, uncle Jason and aunt Jessica Frye, aunt Brandy and uncle Dan Beard, uncle Alex and aunt Sarah Frye; grandparents, Terry and Vicky Frye; two of her many best friends, Anna Ross and Makenna Shingledecker.

She was preceded in death by her father, Richard Marckini.

Additional Information

Donations in Victoria’s memory may be directed to the Family Catastrophic Fund c/o St. Joseph County United Way ( Envelopes are also available at the funeral home.

Please Leave Your Condolences

When your condolences are submitted they will not display until approved by the Hohner staff for appropriateness out of respect for their memory. They should appear within 24 hours or less. Thank you for your understanding.

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  1. My sincere condolences to her family and friends…
    Losing a loved one especially a youngster is one of the hardest, most painful lessons in life. I know from experience.
    Rich, my heart goes out to you during this difficult time. 🤗 💞

  2. i miss tori everyday she was always there for me but i wish i was there for her all the time i miss her so much it hurts to know that my best friend isnt here anymore ill always miss her it feels so weird going to school not seeing her walk to mrs.glasses class to teach other students pains me so much,ill miss you so much tori i cant stop texting you <3 fly high.

  3. we all loved Tori so much but the one thing she did for me was like all i ever wanted when i was with Tori i felt loved and cared about she is the person who made me figure out that my life matters to people and because of Tori i have so many wonder full friends before Tori was a teacher assistant i had know one that cared about me i was nobody. Tori to me was the light that brought everyone together even if they were popular or not it didn’t matter what social group you were in she made us all equal and i love that she did that for us because when we met i did not know how my future was going to look like but now i do because she inspired me when she told me she was in choir and sang a song to me it was like an angel on earth and i would do anything to hear it again fly high tori i will visit you soon love you girl

  4. I was In aristocrats with Tori. We were all shocked when we heard the news about Tori. You were so nice to all of us. You meant something to all of us. she left us with a great friendship that we cherished. But deep down inside us, you left us with a piece of you. So your memories will live inside us no matter were we are. We all are going to miss you Tori. I hope you’re still singing where you are.

  5. my love and support to the family & friends of tori.

    i appreciate her for always being there if anyone needed her, and her bright smile always made my day a lot easier.

    i wish you could’ve met ralph macchio and taught me how to use the coffee machine in our classroom at park.

    much love 💜

  6. I didn’t know you like that but you’ll be missed and never forgotten Tori, I remember when I first meant you though, you always had a smile on your face, even if you were annoyed or didn’t want to be there, you gave me your chips and orange, we raced and I’m pretty sure you beat me, only because I tripped but still, just from hanging out with you for a little bit and not really knowing you, i can tell you had the sweetest soul, r.i.p Tori, my condolences for the family and friends

    • Tori was such a kind soul to everybody. I can’t think of a time she wasn’t smiling and showing the good side to everything. She was incredibly friendly and was a huge impact on a ton of people at the school. Many of us are incredibly saddened by her passing. She was such an amazing girl and always knew how to be a good person and help others.

      Fly High, Tori. We all miss you❤

  7. There was a specific radiant energy that surrounded Tori. She was always smiling, always. Though we weren’t necessarily friends, you’ve contributed to mine, as well as many others lives in an unforgettable way. Thank you for all that you’ve done. Progressing through the twelve years of schooling with you as a classmate has been a wonderful journey. I hope you are at peace.

  8. Tori I miss you so much, it doesn’t feel real, losing you made me lose a part of me, you were a huge part of my life, so sweet and kind a beautiful, you always knew how to make things better and bring a smile to others faces, you will be greatly missed by me and so many other, you were a huge part of people’s lives, Rest in peace tori, I love you 💔🕊

  9. Tori was such an upbeat, outgoing, and kind hearted person. Always saying hello to others, always offering a smile. It is clear she was loved by many. I hope she is at peace now and somehow, feeling that love.

  10. Tori was such a beautiful and pure soul, she would always brighten up a room bringing smiles to people’s faces. I wish I could’ve gotten to know her much better than I had but I’m still thankful for the time I knew her and the memories I have to remember her by. Fly high sweet girl, love you always 🤍🫶🏻🕊️ prayers are being sent to loved ones

  11. I cannot express how sorry I am for your loss. Tori was an unbelievable human being that will be missed dearly. Her daily smile and up beat personality would brighten a room for others to enjoy. She left an imprint in this world for others to admire. Thoughts and prayers to you all.

  12. Tori, words can never explain the love we all felt for you. You and I were friends and I will never forget you. I remember walking from the office to Mrs. Carlsons’s class together, stopping by our lockers for mango snack breaks, and the many memories we shared ever since we met. You were such a beautiful soul and I wish I could hug you one last time.

  13. We practically grew up with each other, we would always play outside and I remember how you would always argue with your brothers, I did not expect this at all, I am very sorry for whatever happened to you, but I know your at peace now, I will always have you in remembrance Tori, we all love and miss you sooooo sooooooo much beautiful, this isn’t a good bye, it’s just a see you later🥺🫶🏽💔

  14. Rest in peace beautiful💛 you were so kind and bright with so much life ahead of you to live. I hope you are at peace, you are so loved and missed by many.

    • I didn’t even know her very well only a couple days but just those days were the best she was very very fun to talk to and she always shined even on bad days, she was definitely dealing with stuff in the inside of all her happiness and she is truly blessed and i pray for her.

    • we miss you so much Tori your so sweet and kind and outgoing and whenever one of your friends were going thru something they could go to you and you would help them even if you were going thru things. You will forever hold a special place in our lives love you so much ❤️

      • Tori, you will be greatly missed. It doesn’t feel real that you are gone. I’m half expecting to see your smiling face in the school halls. Thoughts and prayers for your family.

    • I miss you so much sweet girl. your smile was the brightest i’ve ever seen. you deserved so much more than what happened. i love you so much. I hope you’re better now. i know you aren’t hurting but i wish you were still here. i miss you pretty. Long Live You❤️‍🩹🕊️.

      • I miss hearing and seeing you smile in the hallways. The past three days have been so empty. We all miss you. I know you aren’t hurting anymore, but I still wish you were here with us. We talked last week around thanksgiving. I wish I would’ve known then. I miss you sweet girl. 💔🕊️

      • I didnt know you very well, but you were always kind to me and everyone around, and always had your bright smile. Ive always thought that you were so beautiful, and I wish I got to know you better. I wish I could have helped you. From all i knew about you I could tell you were a beautiful soul, and i never would have thought something like this would have happened. I think your imprint at school will stay with us, and remind us to be kind to others. Rest in peace, Tori. I hope your at peace, and your not hurting anymore. ❤️

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